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Make Mine Mobile

August 10, 2016


If you think your website does not need to be “responsive” to fit on mobile devices, we suggest you ought to rethink that thought. Better yet, read this article right now. In today’s business age, your site absolutely must be mobile ready. And here is why . . .

If you think that you don’t need your website to be mobile friendly because you simply do not have mobile users visiting your site, then think about this statistic: According to Smart Insights, “mobile digital media time in the U.S. is now significantly higher at 51 percent compared to desktop (42 percent)”.

So if your customers are searching for you, your product or service on a mobile device and they can’t find you, you have just lost out to your competitors whose mobile/responsive site can be found.

Still don’t think your customers are searching for you mobilely? Well statistics show that more than half of your customers are already there.

Another important factor to consider is that if your site is not mobile ready, Google will not register your site in their search results. You will loose critical ranking with Google. In addition, companies that have optimized their site for mobile users will be rewarded by having their ranking improved. Either way, without a mobile-ready site, you lose.

At Guild Creative, we recently launched two updated websites we helped make mobile ready.

Weir Financial wanted their site to be mobile friendly making it easier to help inform and educate viewers on important investment and planning information. They have now put a number of financial resources and information into the hands of their new mobile users.

The goal behind updating the Cretex Specialty Products website was to provide their customers in the field with tools to better research their products and services. Many on-site contractors are using mobile devices to bring the office with them wherever they are. Cretex wanted to provide access to the products and specs that would be helpful while on the job. We enhanced the website with larger product images, quick key functions to open spec sheets, and an interactive graphic for product resources.

Two terrific companies to work with and we enjoyed creating a responsive website solution to meet both their own and customer needs.

Responsive sites are where it’s at—and where your site should be at as well! Call Guild to get your site responsive and mobile ready–262-677-4696