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Social Media Mayhem

August 10, 2016


Facebook, Twitter, Google+, instagram, snapchat, Tumblr, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, blogs . . . the list of social media opportunities are endless. Which ones, how often, where, when, how do you get started. Is your head already spinning? No worries, we have a few suggestions to help ease your mind and make social media marketing sound much easier.

First, let’s look at what social media you should be using—no, you do not need to be on every network. In fact, unless you have a dedicated social media marketing team, it is not at all possible. You will be spreading yourself too thin and your marketing will simply not be at all effective. Take a look at the social networks that work best for your business. Know the target audience that uses each network—are they your target audience? Eliminate the ones that do not fit best with your target and we move on from there.

Now that you know what networks to focus in on, next step is to make social media a focus of your overall marketing strategy. It is important that you, your marketing team, and overall company embrace social media and make a commitment to engage in social media communications marketing. Social media is a key consideration in the new inbound marketing strategy. By using the social aspect of these media networks, you are reaching out to your consumers, engaging your customers to start conversations, providing information to help make purchase decisions, and building a relationship with your customers. Just as with any relationship, it takes time, it takes commitment and dedication, and an effort to keep the conversations going and stay connected.

We have a number of resources at Guild Creative to help take the guesswork out of developing your social media strategy. Email Kathryn for help.